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‘88′ at VAD in Girona, Spain

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I made it out to the VAD Festival in Girona, Spain. Girona is a smallish city North of Barcelona. The festival took place in the city art gallery and had another venue for performances in the evening. I had a great time hanging out with artists from the US, Germany, Quebec, Belgium, and England. ‘88 Constellations’ was installed  in the gallery which seemed to get  a lot of traffic. The video screenings were great, especially the dance programme.

While I was in that part of Spain I wanted to go visit Walter Benjamin’s grave in the small border town of Port Bou. I made the trip with two artists from the festival and we took a train up to Port Bou, visited WB’s gravesite and even found the hotel where he committed suicide. My motivation for the trip was to research a new project called “The End” that incorporates the story of Benjamin’s death in 1940.

I also made it down to Barcelona where I had a fantastic day exploring the city. I love to wander through a city I don’t know and Barcelona is a great city to explore.