Off to Montreal

I am off to Montreal tomorrow to set up a show at Espace Videographe. The show will feature “88 Constellations for Wittgenstein” and four older internet pieces. I am also doing a new slide piece for the windows of the building. The opening is on Thursday, May 7 and I am very pleased that my old friend Nelson Henricks will be hosting a discussion about the work.

There is a publication for this show with an excellent essay by Vancouver artist/writer Marina Roy called “Invisible Hands” that talks about “88 Constellations” and “A is for Apple”. I have been working with Marina and her husband Graham Meisner for the last few years on a new project based on a book that Marina wrote called “Sign after the X”.

I have now made professional looking copies of the CD-ROM that I will be sending out and distributing. Here is the cover:

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