‘Meanwhile’ wins an award at CINEMA TOUS ECRANS, Geneva

‘Meanwhile’, an interactive, non-linear film I made in 2006 with my collaborators in the group ‘computer.says.no: Shelley Simmons, Chris Mendis and Jeff Howard has won an award at the CINEMA TOUS ECRANS, 14e Festival International du Film in Geneva Switzerland. Our piece won the Reflet d’Or of the best interactive multimedia fiction. The jury said that “The price is awarded to a piece of work that put the multimedia feature in the center of its conception and thus allows to develop a new narrative experience. This experience wanders from the inflexibility of  cinematic narration and of the interactive scenarii of video games.”

We are pretty chuffed and are trying to figure out how we can all get to Switzerland to use the €4000 in production services that comes with the prize.
27.OCT. > 2.NOV.08

The project can be seen here; Meanwhile

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