About David Clark

I am an artist who works with many different mediums; the internet, film, installation. Since 2002 I have gravitated towards working on the internet since the internet allows me to explore my interest in non-linear narrative and access an audience beyond the art world or the film world. Themes and ideas in my work have been part of the films and installations I have been making for 20 years. I continue to work on installation and film projects but have focused my work on complex “feature-length” net.art works like “88 Constellations for Wittgenstien”.

My first work for the internet was a project called “A is for Apple” that I produced in 2002 in collaboration with Rob Whynot, Randy Knott, and Ron Gervais. Since that time I have made a number of internet works including: “Riddled with the Stinx” (2003) (Collaboration with Pascale Malaterre and Rob Whynot), “Likewise” (2004) and “Ulyssess 101″ (2006)

I am also part of a collaborative media collective called ‘computer.says.no’ with Jeff Howard, Chris Mendis, Nick Rudnicki, and Shelley Simmons. We formed this group at the Canadian Film Centre in 2005 and produced a prototype non-linear ‘Shuffle Film’ called Meanwhile (2006).

I live in Halifax, Canada and I teach in the Media Arts Department at NSCAD University.